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Providing Trusted Data For A Clear Health Decisions!

We are continually harnessing our medical expertise to build best test offering while investing in technology to transform the delivery of health care 

Medical Laboratory Company
Open to the Public


Ask about our convenient "After Hours Mobile Drug Screening" Click the image!

Convenient  Drug Testing

Affordable DNA Testing

 Mobile Phlebotomy

Ask about our convenient "After Hours Mobile Drug Screening"

We are a Medical Laboratory Company Open to the Public. At Coby Laboratories & Screening, LLC, our mission is to continue to drive innovation and cultivate a unique customer experience as well as expanding our reach to match the dynamic needs of an ever-changing healthcare system. We aim to provide our community with personalized care, professionalism, and compassion.

Whether you are a provider or patient, when you need trusted information to make confident health decisions, consider us. 

Some of Our Specialty Areas


*GPS Origin DNA
*Immigration DNA

*Gender Reveal
*Paternity (Legal)
*Paternity Informational (Non-Legal)
*Lifestyle DNA
*Maternity Informational
*Maternity Legal


*Pre Surgery Blood Collection
*Specialty Kit / Blood Draw Collection
*Mobile Concierge Blood Collection
*HCG Urine Pregnancy Test
*In Office Phlebotomy Specialist

Find The Right Test For Your Needs!

Providing High Quality Test Services For Your Health!


Your DNA holds a wealth of information about your health. Our comprehensive DNA testing panels analyze genetic markers associated with various health conditions, allowing you to proactively manage your well-being. Discover potential predispositions, assess your risk factors, and make informed decisions to optimize your lifestyle and preventive healthcare strategies.

GPS Origin DNA

Immigration DNA

Gender Reveal

Paternity (Legal)

Paternity Informational (Non-Legal)

Lifestyle DNA

Maternity Informational

Maternity Legal


We recognize the paramount importance of maintaining a safe and healthy environment, both in the workplace and in personal spheres. Our comprehensive drug and alcohol testing services are designed to empower individuals and organizations with accurate and timely information, fostering a culture of responsibility and well-being.

Hair Follicle Testing

Instant ETG (Alcohol Metabolite) Urine

Breath AlcoholTesting

Instant Drug Test

DOT Drug Test

Non Drug DOT Test

Fingernail Drug Testing

Saliva Alcohol Screening

Our vision is to empower patients and their caregivers with convenience and the tools needed to help enhance their healthcare journey.


Lab Testing Services For Your Health

Helping To Deliver Answers For Health Questions.

Affordable Blood Testing

Appointments may be booked to help reduce your wait time. If you are unable to book an appointment, we do our best to minimize patients wait time in the Patient Service Center. Typically, wait times are a little longer in the morning as patients tend to fast for tests over night.

Providing High Quality Test Services For Your Health!

Ulta Lab test
Pregnancy and Fertility Blood Testing
STD Testing
Women's Health Lab Test
Blood Draw for allergy Testing

Our Partners

Chamber of Commerce
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Preparing for Test Help Us Ensure All Goes Smoothly

Your well-being is our top priority. Take the proactive step towards a healthier, more informed you by booking your lab test appointment with Coby Laboratories today. Uncover the insights your body holds, and let's journey towards better health together.

Click here to book your appointment now or call us at

877-691- (2629) for assistance.

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